Boom creates world-class gaming products for the biggest brands in sports and casino gaming

Boom is building for the next generation of players, with a focus on simplicity and creativity.

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We have helped our partners efficiently acquire and retain millions of gaming-inclined users. Our work is characterized by:

  • Intuitive game design and mechanics

  • Multimedia and licensed content that increases digital engagement and viewership

  • Sophisticated, user-level analytics and reporting

  • Integrated affiliate marketing that generates revenue for sports betting partners

We are upending the content licensing model with customized real-money and freemium games.

  • Decades of experience in social casino and real-money gaming

  • Turnkey front-end customization showcasing owned and acquired assets

  • We will be licensed in every US jurisdiction, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia on Boom's remote game server

We are building a full-stack sportsbook platform from the ground up to serve the next generation of players

  • We are targeting new users with an emphasis on accessibility, community, and flexibility

  • Comprehensive funnel management, including our integrated FTP products

  • Market access (to operate a legal sportsbook on behalf of our partners) in six states

What Makes Us Different

Scalable products

Games are only as good as the underlying technology, and our products effortlessly scale to millions of concurrent users.

Gaming “as a service”

We manage products A to Z, including 24/7 monitoring and maintenance, prize management, ongoing CRM, and high-touch customer support

Superior retention

Our user bases grow over time because we understand the art and science of gaming and optimize the user experience accordingly

Deep analytics

We analyze user behavior at an individual level to maximize conversion and CLV

A focus on monetization

We know gaming and the business of gaming, and have the licenses and tools to generate revenue in a dynamic, growing industry


From game design to contest creation to reporting, we collaborate to bring our partners’ visions to life.

Boom builds the best products for the biggest partners

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